VAT Masterclass 2 Day Workshop


The VAT Masterclass 2-day workshop, will help you understand how VAT works, how to answer SARS’ questions and deal with their VAT questions and legal issues.

The course will be looking at VAT from all sides – from registration through to more complex rules, through to legal rules and how to not only get your refund out of SARS, but help in forcing SARS to deal with your other VAT issues they’re ignoring.

This workshop is designed for Accountants, bookkeepers, auditors, debtors clerks, creditors clerks, Financial staff who wish to gain knowledge on how VAT works.

You will learn all you need to know about VAT, VAT Law and other legal provisions you WILL need at some stage in your SARS dealings. You’ll walk away with a pack of notes and examples.
You’ll also gain:
  • An understanding of how VAT Law works in every day transactions
  • The new 15% rate and some repercussions
  • Confidence that you’re calculating and declaring your VAT correctly, so you can avoid penalties and not be worried about audits!
  • How to use the law to get your refund, and force SARS to deal with your other VAT matters.

Please see workshop programs below:

Day 1:

  • VAT Foundations
  • Rules on when VAT is paid (or claimed)
  • Output tax
  • Special rules(Selling goods, Fixed properties and commercial accommodation, Recovery of costs/on charging/ costs recovery, Non-profit organisations and welfare, Donations and sponsorships)

Day 2:

  • Input tax
  • VAT returns
  • Assessments, objections and appeals
  • Q+A

Dee Bezuidenhout – Presenter

Dee Bezuidenhout has been involved with VAT for 27 years – first as a SARS auditor, then a Law writer and interpreter, and then in private practice. She has to date presented over 104 VAT workshops (including to SARS’ own staff)

This workshop is ideal for all who deal with VAT(and the diesel rebate) namely accountants, bookkeepers, auditors, debtors clerks, creditors clerks, Financial Managers, Financial Controllers, Financial Directors, Managing Directors, Tax and VAT Consultants, Owners, Proprietors, CEO’s, CFO’s, MD’s



For more information contact
Gary Garbutt – General Manager

Office: 021 300 1230