Do you have a valid or updated Will ? 

Do you know how a Trust works and if required for your needs ?

Have you made provision for Estate Duty with efficient Estate Planning ?


This one-day workshop is designed to cater for the needs of any person who has an estate of fixed property and various assets, and needs proper understanding, planning and structure in estate planning, as well as a full understanding of Trusts and Wills.

The majority of the population neglect this important aspect of their financial planning and wait for too long to attend to this important aspect of their lives.

During the workshop, the following Topics are covered:

Estate Planning:

  • Why Estate Planning ?
  • What is Estate Planning ?
  • What would influence my advice on Estate Planning ?
  • Estate Duty
  • Other duties
  • Options to reduce Estate Duty

Compiling a Last Will and Testament:

  • Requirements/formalities of a Legal Will
  • Last Will and Testaments as an Estate Planning tool
  • Pitfalls in the drafting of a Will
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Execution of a Will: Duties and Responsibilities of the Executor

Inter Vivos Trusts:

  • Is an Inter Vivos Trust still relevant?
  • Basic Elements and parties to an Inter Vivos Trust
  • Latest developments in Trust Legislation
  • Pro’s and Con’s of an Inter Vivos Trust
  • Misuse of Trust during Divorce

Latest changes in Trust law 


For more information contact
Gary Garbutt – General Manager

Office: 021 300 1230